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Bentota Bazaar


 Bentota has seen rigorous development recently wherein a number of leisure facilities like posh hotels and resorts, restaurants and cafes, nightlife, entertainment hubs, shopping arcades, and more have been set up here, it has still managed to retain its natural charm and culture. And a great part of that culture is reflected in the various folk shows, temples, and local markets in Bentota where tourists from around the world love to grab handmade goods and Sri Lankan artifacts to gift to their friends and family.


So, if you’re visiting the city of Bentota anytime soon, make sure you stop by the many markets and local bazaars of this lovable beach town to drown yourself into the rich and vast culture of Sri Lanka and take a small part of it home with you! See where all you can grab great local merchandise in Bentota


All you need to know about the Bentota Bazaar

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